Seize The Day

Today I felt inspired to write my feelings, to update the two people who read this. Today I encourage you to Seize The Day. I have lived in Missouri for over a year now and sure as some of my other out of state friends define it as the “sewage of America” or “the asshole of the Midwest”. It still is my home for another three years.

Don’t get me wrong. Sure Missouri is not my favorite state but my college town is home to me. It will never give me the same feelings of comfort that my hometown in California does but that is growing up. This is adulthood.

I won’t always be in my hometown, or close by… At least I hope not! (sorry mom)

I have the opportunity to do some traveling across the United States in the next couple months and I’m excited. And as much as I know that people are frustrated with the United States and our impending election in 41 days. People are dying to get out of America. But I must say I am excited.

We are only young and able to have these opportunities for so long. I just can’t imagine not taking up the chance to do these things.

Even if it flying for free to visit my friend’s boyfriend, or driving two hours to get my phone fixed cause Missouri has three Apple Stores in the state!

In my book, an adventure is an adventure. A moment is a moment. You must define what it means. How you spend it, how you let it represent who you are. These are the choices we are all responsible for in our own lives.

Sure I can continue to drink and be bored in my college town. I can continue to let the depression clouds of darkness do their worst to me.

Or I could get off my ass and do something. Go somewhere. Be someone. Learn something.

Because simply — why the hell not?


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